OS X iTerm2: 'ls' doesn't show different colors for different file types

As a serious terminal user, i have to use 'ls' command thousands of times.

Coloful output of 'ls' is a must. Thus i installed gnu coreutils, which can provide custom schemes for showing directoies and files.(this is a guide to configure coreutils)

The weird thing is that i can get colorful output of 'ls' command in Terminal app, but not in iTerm2. After google, i tried:

  1. add below scripts to ~/.bash_profile:
    # Set CLICOLOR if you want Ansi Colors in iTerm2 
    export CLICOLOR=1
    # Set colors to match iTerm2 Terminal Colors
    export TERM=xterm-256color
  2. In iTerm2, go to "Prefrences > Profiles > Terminal",
    set “Report Terminal Type” to “xterm-256color”.

But these don't work for me. Finally i read this page and got the answer:

In iTerm2, go to "Preferences->Profiles->Text Rendering", disable "draw bold text in bright colors".

Hope this paper to help you to fix the same issue.